Concept, manufacturing & History

Our concept

Mila Jack introduces the first collection of indoor slippers.

They are made entirely handmade in a family-run factory in Portugal in the region of Porto and a great attention is given to materials and finishing details.

Founded by Elisa Niedzielski Rochon in 2016, Mila Jack aims to reinvent the indoor shoes by bringing elegance and comfort together.

Elisa’s ambition with Mila Jack is to make indoor slippers both elegant and comfortable, dusting off and reinventing their image through timeless styles and delicate lines.

Hand manufacturing

Available for men and women in a wide range of colors and materials, Mila Jack slippers are produced in the respect for tradition and a commitment to excellence.

Each slipper is assembled by hand in the region of Porto, in Portugal, within a family factory specialized in footwear manufacturing since 1972.

This desire for excellence is found in all stages of production: from the phase of creation to the assembly, through the choice of raw materials from Italy.

Our story

Raised by a Franco-Polish father and a Brazilian mother working for prestigious French Haute Couture houses, Elisa Niedzielski Rochon started developing, from her earliest age, a keen interest in fashion with the greatest passion, a multicultural eclectic taste and a high sensitivity to luxury craftsmanship.

After graduating from La Sorbonne and King’s College London with a Masters in ‘Cultural & Creative industries’, Elisa rapidly focused on the fashion industry.

Alongside prestigious Luxury brands, Elisa has been responsible for organizing their private sales in a Parisian showroom, which was a great platform to develop two essentials elements: network and knowledge.